Saturday, March 25, 2017

Scrambled Newscomers: Wedge, Bastian Lee Jones, Naima, Sandra E. Mae & Monica Jeffries

DE: Scrambled Newcomer sind Musiker, die ich vom Global Rockstar Contest kenne, das jährlich in Wien abgehalten wird und Artisten von den deutschprachigen Musikblogs.

GB: Scrambled Newcomers are musicians which I know from the Global Rockstar Contest, held in Vienna anualy, also artists from the germanspeaking musicblogs.

BR: Scrambled Newscomers são músicos que eu conheço do Concurso Global Rockstar, que é realizado anualmente em Viena, também artistas dos blogs de musica de linguagem alemã.

Wedge (Global Rockstar 2016)

Looks'n'Savvy (official HD)

Published on Feb 2, 2017
"Looks'n'Savvy" - WEDGE von ihrem selbstbetitelten Album.
WEDGE würde Anfang 2014 von Kiryk (Gesang & Gitarre), The Holg (Schlagzeug) & David (Bass, Orgel & E-Piano) in Berlin gegründet.

Wedge: Homepage

Bastian Lee Jones (Global Rockstar 2017)

Time Bendzko - keine maschine (cover Bastian Lee Jones)

Published on Feb 3, 2017
Zieht euch den gratis download des zauberhaften Tim Bendzko Songs und mailt mir auf - im Bastian Lee Jones piano style, der anders rockt und ans Herz geht - am 18.2., 20Uhr Potsdam Tourstart - und folgt BLJ auf:

Bastian Lee Jones: Homepage


Sunday Morning Sessions //1 [Boys Don't Cry/Power Of Love]

Published on Feb 5, 2017
Sleepy Voices in need for Strong Coffee singing Spontaneous Songs to Shakycam Sunrise Impressions - every other Sunday!
The Cure - Boys Don't Cry
Frankie Goes to Hollywood - The Power of Love (been mostly listening to Gabrielle Aplin's beautiful cover)
Liked it?
Naima: Homepage

Sandra E. Mae (Global Rockstar 2016)

Shape Of You - Ed Sheeran Piano/Voice Cover

Published on Feb 8, 2017
Vocals & Video Editing: Sandra E. Mae
Piano accompaniment by: sing2piano
Sandra E. Mae: Homepage

Monica Jeffries (Global Rockstar 2016)

Into Temptation / Synth Diamonds (Promo Clip)

Published on Feb 9, 2017
All rights reserved © 2016
Monica Jeffries: Homepage

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