Saturday, October 21, 2017

DAW/VST Technology: 8Dio - Bahara Teaser Trailer

Published on Oct 21, 2017

The 8Dio Bahara is a completely new custom instrument built from ground up in collaboration with a master Luthier. It is a crossbreed  between a Cello and a physical synthesizer. It can be played both bowed, plucked and percussively.

The design of the 8Dio Bahara is highly unique. It contains both horizontal and vertical strings. The horizontal strings resemble those of a cello and played in the same way. However the vibrations from the horizontal strings are carried over to a pair of vertical strings. The vertical strings are actually large coil springs. The coils are then attached to two large frame drums that resonate the sound from the coils.

The 8Dio Bahara was meticulously deep-sampled. It contains 3 types of bowed legato, 6 types of dynamic arcs, every possible short note you can think of (spiccato, pizzicato, percussive short notes with different mallets), tons of effects and phrases.

We also recorded it with multiple microphones, including unique contact microphones on the framedrum resonators and dedicated sub-woof friendly microphones.

Welcome to the 8Dio Bahara.
8Dio: Website

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