Monday, May 4, 2015

Scrambled Tecnology: Software from Soundiron and FL Studio

Questionably Barbershop - 4-Piece Male Vocal Ensemble

Publicado a 09/04/2015
Questionably Barbershop is a simple 4-piece male vocal ensemble, crafted in the style of an old timey
Barbershop Quartet. Featuring the humble vocal talents of our own Mike Peaslee, Gregg Stephens and Spencer Nunamaker, this library offers basic chromatic sustains and staccato articulations, improvised scat and bebop phrases and even a couple of classic Americana folk song construction kits that are broken down line-by-line with each vocal part directly accessible in several different root keys. From a deep booming bass to a soaring high tenor falsetto, Questionably Barbershop gives you easy 4-part harmony in a box.

Each one of our singers (Mike: Tenor Lead, Gregg: Baritone, Spencer: Bass and ‘Mikey’: Tenor Falsetto) performed 3 types of sustains and staccatos: Doo, Lah and Woh. Using our custom GUI controls, these 3 different sounds can also act as pure Oo, Ah and Oh vowel sounds, with adjustable durations and attack shaping. Our advanced scripting gives you automatic 4-part harmony voicing in the Ensemble Sustains and Staccatos presets, ensuring that you always hear the Lead first, the Bass in his appropriate range and the Tenor for those piercing high notes! And for a big male chorus sound, you can select the “Unison” mode for all four voices over the whole key range. We even give you Auto-pan feature to intelligently spread the singers over the stereo field for a nice wide sound.

The Scat ’N Bebop phrase section includes 356 improvised phrases, with real-time tempo-synching and time -stretching. Phrases are included in the root keys of C, E, and G# with easy transposition to other keys. You’ll also find our DSP Rack panel, with multi-effects, compression, EQ, amp/speaker simulation and convolution reverb, with dozens of our favorite rooms, halls, chambers, cathedrals and FX impulses.


Voice Of Rapture: The Alto - solo alto vocal library walk-through

Publicado a 03/04/2015
A walk-through of The Alto, a solo vocal library for Kontakt featuring the voice of operatic singer Kindra Scharich. This video takes you through the true legato and chromatic sustain/staccato content, as well as the live phrase sequencer and other important GUI features.

Voice of Rapture: The Alto is a solo operatic alto library that captures the exquisite voice of Kindra Scharich, offering a wide variety of playable chromatic articulations and melodic elements. From a bombastic fortissimo to a gentle pianissimo, The Alto gives you creative freedom and flexibility. Recorded dry with 2 microphone types, The Alto delivers superior programming, brilliant performances and unrivaled sonic quality. This 6.3 GB library has 38 instrument presets and over 8,300 samples.

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FL Studio 12 | Launch Video

Publicado a 22/04/2015

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