Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Terra musicalis II - Scrambled Music-Clips from around the World !

D: Terra musicalis – die musikalische Welt ! In unregelmässigen Abständen werden wir Musik-Videos aus verschiedenen Teilen unserer Erde vorstellen. Musik aus universeller Sicht.

GB: Terra musicalis - the musical world! At irregular intervals, we will introduce music videos from various parts of the world. Music from a universal perspective.

BR: Terra musicalis - o mundo musical! Em intervalos irregulares, apresentaremos vídeos musicais de várias partes do mundo. Música a partir de uma perspectiva universal.

Australien - Australia - Austrália

Carregado a 25/11/2010
The haunting sounds of the DIDGERIDOO can carry for miles. Watch and listen to these two talented masters as they produce a variety of incredible sounds with a backdrop of the ocean!

FINGERS Mitchell Cullen Freedom Rides Denmark Markets 2012 Australian Tour Steam Roller
Carregado a 30/01/2012
Back by Popular Demand FINGERS Mitchell Cullen Australian Tour 2012 Steam Roller with Special Guest Will Blackburn.
Albany guitaist, prodigy, and singer song writer , this 18 year old multi-instrumentalist rocks the 12 string guitar performing to the crowds of Denmark Markets WA

Fingers Mitchell Cullen: Website

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